Frequently Asked Questions
How can I obtain a copy of my accident report?

You can get a copy of all accident reports online here: https://www.crashdocs.org/#/

You may stop by the police department between 8am-4pm Monday through Friday. Be sure to have either the date of the accident or the blotter number handy for the clerk to locate the report.

When will my accident report be ready?

We attempt to have all police accident reports ready within 7 -10 business days of the accident date. However, occasionally there are unforeseen problems with the report and/or other correction problems.

How can I obtain a copy of other police reports?

You may file a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request. The law allows the Town to take up to five(5)days to respond to a request of records. If you have further questions you can contact the Town Clerk at 845-294-6250 ext. 1222.

Must the police be called to every motor vehicle accident?

The police must take an official accident report if any person involved in the accident is injured in the accident by N.Y. State law. Our agency does generally take a full report even if there are no injuries in most circumstances.

The driver of any vehicle must also report an accident to DMV of any accident causing a fatality, personal injury, or damage to either vehicle over $1000.00 on a “civilian accident report form” (MV-104) which may be picked up at any police agency or DMV. This report must be completed and mailed to DMV within 10 days of the accident.

What are the Town regulations regarding alarm devices & systems?

Any property owner or lessee of property in the Town of Goshen having on its premises an alarm device or system or alarm devices shall register with the Town Clerk, on a registration form, the existence of such device on its premises.

All registrations of alarms shall be submitted to the Town Clerk and shall contain a description of the police, fire or medical emergency alarm device.

The fee for an alarm permit is $50.00.

It is the obligation of any alarm registration holder to provide the Police Department and/or the Town Clerk with a minimum of two persons to be contacted with the authority to enter the registrant’s premises for the purpose of securing and restoring the alarm system, when necessary.

Further information regarding alarm systems can be found in the Town of Goshen code.

Where and when can I get fingerprinted for a permit or employment?

Please visit the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for fingerprinting or call (845)291-4033 for more information.

Does the Police Department take reports over the telephone?

No. If the incident took place anywhere in the Town of Goshen we can take a report from you in person. You may stop by the station or we can respond to your residence.

If you reside outside our jurisdiction we may ask you to respond to the station to complete the report.

What is the difference between a blotter entry and a case report?

Every call that requires police service receives a blotter entry. This records the caller’s name, address, telephone number, address where the service is requested, the date, time, and officer(s) that responded. A brief narrative of what the call was about is also recorded by the dispatcher and/or the officer that responded to the call.

Only calls that need extra police investigation receive a case report. The officer will complete this when he returns from patrol including details of the investigation.

Do I really need to report minor incidents, such as a stolen item from my car or property?

Yes. Even though the item stolen or the incident may be minor the Police need to know about all crimes in order to adjust their patrols and their staffing levels. Most times it will only take about 15 –20 minutes of your time to complete a report.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

How do I obtain a handicap parking permit?

Handicap parking permits may be obtained at the Town Clerks Office located in Town Hall between 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. You must be a Town of Goshen resident and bring your driver’s license, doctor’s prescription or NYS handicap permit form signed by your doctor.

What should I do if my license plate was stolen/lost, or my license was stolen/lost?

Upon finding anything lost/stolen, report the loss immediately to the local police agency. If the theft occurred in the Town of Goshen, contact us immediately. We will issue a form to bring to DMV to receive your replacement plates or license.

If the theft occurred outside the Town of Goshen, the police agency in that area will issue the necessary forms.

What months are the overnight parking rules in effect?

In the Town of Goshen overnight parking is prohibited on all roads starting November 1 through April 1 of the succeeding year.

How do I make a complaint regarding Town code, or building code?

Call the Town of Goshen building inspector at 845-294-6430. If it is an emergency and the building inspector’s office is closed you may contact the police department at 845-294-9555.

Do you accept traffic fines?

The police department does not accept fines. Please contact the Town of Goshen Court at 845-294-6477.

Can I make a complaint regarding someone committing a vehicle and traffic offense?

Yes. However you cannot sign a formal complaint against someone who commits a traffic offense. You may make a complaint about a specific person or vehicle, or a pattern of traffic offenses committed at a specific location, such as speeding on a specific street. Our supervisory staff will determine whether or not enforcement is required in that area based on the number of complaints received among other things.

If you make a complaint about a specific person or vehicle, usually a blotter entry will be made and passed on to the supervisor of the shift

What happens to a person upon arrest?

Upon arrest a person is transported to the police station and processed. This includes, obtaining their pedigree, photo and fingerprints. The desk officer will then determine if the person needs to be arraigned before a judge or released and given an appearance ticket to return to court at a later date.

Do we safe keep weapons?

Yes, with restrictions though. Contact the Police Department for additional information at 845-295-9555.

How do I find out if the schools were closed due to inclement weather?

Please visit the website of the school your child attends or listen to your local radio station for school closing information.

When do I call 911 versus calling the direct police number, 845-294-9555?

The only time you should be dialing 9-1-1 is in the event of a true police, fire or medical emergency. By refraining from calling 9-1-1 you leave the line open for actual emergencies.