House Check Program

House Check Program Policy

The House Check Program is a crime prevention program utilized by the Town of Goshen Police Department to reduce the number of vandalisms and residential burglaries of vacant homes located within the Town. If you’re leaving town and your home will be vacant, you can ask the Police Department to check on your home for up to 30 days.

House Check Request Form

You make this request by filling out a House Check request form. This form can be obtained from the Town of Goshen Police Department. This form will ask you:


To identify the location of your home.


To identify the address and telephone number of someone who will be acting as a responsible party for your home.


The date you’re leaving and returning.


To identify the motor vehicles that should be parked at your residence.

House Watch Program Town of Goshen

A Police Officer will go to your home while you’re away to check the doors and locks. While there are no guarantees, no homeowner who has participated in this program has returned to find their home burglarized.

We strongly encourage all residents who leave town, to designate a responsible party for their home. This person can water your plants, pick up your newspaper and mail, feed pets and also serve as a contact should something happen to your home while you’re away.

It is also strongly recommended that when you leave your home, you consider leaving a light on, so as to give the appearance that the home is still occupied.